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Start you meal with something that can help you set the right mood for the rest of the meal.


  Vajato Rosato

 Soppressata Black Olive

  Mosbacher Sauvignon Blanc

Main Course

A hearty meal can help you spend the day in the most fulfilling way possible.

  Beef Stroganoff

  Broccoli Rabe




No food journey can be complete without ending it with an elegant dessert.

  Raspberry Crumble

  Gooey Brownies

Cream Doughnuts

  Choco Fudge









Our Chef’s

Our Chef’s are trained from the most prestigious school who are willing to earn and grow their flavour palate.

Unique Recipes

We encourage our chef’s to come up with their unique recipes to help them develop a unique persona.


About Leaf Kitchen

We are some of the most elite restaurant who are building an mage of elegance to the people who are willing to grow with their food.

Serving Great Food Since 1957

We have been in the food business from 1957 which has helped us gain experience to treat our customers well.

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